Fresh off the printing presses of SuperEarth comes Cyko KO #2 to your local comic book store! Just in time for Halloween, watch Cyk as he faces off with his evil, mustachioed clone—or rather, the Cy-Clone!  You won’t want to miss Cyko as he gets Cyked Out, straight from Alterna Comics to your local comic book shop!

Here’s how to buy it:

  • Go to your local comic book shop and demand that they order all the Cyko KO issues coming out this year (3 of them). Demanding it always works, with serious conviction.
  • Visit me at a convention and I’ll sell you one. If you cosplay as a Cyko character, I might be inclined to just give you a copy or some additional freebie as a perk for your tremendous work.
  • Drop me a line on Twitter and I can direct you how to buy it online.
  • Not sure if you want to plunk down $1.50 to buy it? Say it isn’t so!!