Fresh off the printing presses of SuperEarth comes Cyko KO #3 to your local comic book store! Cyk faces off against the evil Devil Spider but gets more than what he bargained for! You won’t want to miss Cyko as he meets Blipso Facto, straight from Alterna Comics to your local comic book shop!

See you next June for the start of 3 new issues of Cyko KO!!

Here’s how to buy it:

  • Go to your local comic book shop and demand that they order all the Cyko KO issues coming out this year (3 of them). Demanding it always works, with serious conviction.
  • Visit me at a convention and I’ll sell you one. If you cosplay as a Cyko character, I might be inclined to just give you a copy or some additional freebie as a perk for your tremendous work.
  • Drop me a line on Twitter and I can direct you how to buy it online.
  • Not sure if you want to plunk down $1.50 to buy it? Say it isn’t so!!