I’m looking to make a 12-minute animated Cyko KO pilot based on the popular comic, “Surf’s Off, Cyk!”! Since it is based on issue #1 of the comic book series and already built in Flash (yes, Flash!), about 80% of the work is complete, along with the voices (we did an audio comic of it), music and sfx. In other words, I am only seeking funding for some of the final animation. Contributors will get a Producer role based on contribution amounts.

I’m using Ko-Fi to fund this as opposed to other crowdfunding methods. Whatever money earned will be used for the production to hire additional help, speed up the process and refine the animation.

Become a Producer! That’s right–by helping to fund the Cyko KO cartoon pilot (and hopefully the series), you’ll get a Producer credit at the end of the show and be in the “inner circle” of production! Everyone who contributes $50 and above will get a Producer credit in the end of the animation and I will also mail you out a free signed comic.

Producer credits are tiered like this:

$50- $99: Associate Producer
$100- $499: Producer
$500+ : Executive Producer


The pilot stars Eric Howl (of Tik Tok fame) as Cyko KO, Sarah Lynn Dewey as Peachy Keen, Luke Poling as Gov Kreskin, me as Cuda Cano and Lil Kahuna, Kevin Nealis as Dippy, Karen Goral as Dolphina and Scott Deschaine as Ray Sunburn. Here’s the title sequence, with more to come soon!